Our team

We’re a simple and down-to-earth team of fishermen. Once upon a time, during an ordinary fishing trip in the North Atlantic Ocean, we realized the need to use an electric multiplier reel instead of the usual manual one.

After doing some research into the huge selection of reels available, we chose some Shimano models for testing. It was a wonderful day came when DHL delivered the package with our first reels. Shiny, brand new, just waiting to be sent into action… But our excitement soon took a turn when we realized the instructions were in Japanese. Needless to say, none of us knew Japanese and we were at a loss.

We have an international team — guys from Russia, Australia and the UK. We’d need a manual in English, at the least, and preferably in Russian too. We did some deep searching and thought we hit pay dirt when we found the reel instructions in Russian (turned out the translation was so bad it was basically useless). Then one of our teammates, as though answering the call of a divine mission, cried out: "I will make instructions for my reel in Russian". Because this guy took this job too seriously, his translation came out comprehensive, detailed and useful — so far better than the original one. Since that moment, he devoted himself to battle testing different reel models and preparing complete PDF manuals in Russian and English for our team.

It seemed our problem was solved. Our manuals were done and we could freely go fishing. However, in the translation process, our colleagues chatted a lot about this issue in the most popular fishing web forums and we got to understand that this lack of comprehensible user manuals was not a problem we were facing alone. There are no English and Russian translations of instructions for this type of reel — only Japanese — so the market has a high demand for them.

We decided to start by translating other Shimano manuals into Russian and English, and then to have a go at other popular brands, like Daiwa, Miya and WTF.

Currently, we have translations of electric multiplier reel instructions for models produced since 2000.
All translations of the instructions for the Shimano, Daiwa, Miya and WTF reels have been crafted to the highest quality. We not only fully reproduce the Japanese originals, but also go deeper into common practical issues. Most of our manuals have better image and table quality than the originals (especially for Daiwa reels — no offense Daiwa). Our manuals are translated from top to bottom, including the main body, captions, tables of content, service texts and security issues.

When choosing our translations, you can be sure that you’ve got a quality product that will allow you to fully enjoy every feature and utility of your reel.

Also we’re a good-natured bunch: If you did not find your reel model in our catalog, contact us. We will do our best to help you with your reel manual translation.



Reel-manual Team