Find and download user manual guide for electric reel and sea-fishing equipment in English

Usermanuals for Shimano, Daiwa, Miya and all electric reels

Hey! Are you a fisherman planning a professional sea-fishing journey? Already picked up an electric reel from Japan? That’s a good choice, but how are you going to use it if your user manual is written in a language that, let’s be honest, looks a bit like hieroglyphics? How are you going to navigate the menu and figure out what the buttons do? Too many questions and too few days on your holiday... No need to waste time on it anymore. Our website has got you covered! We make translations and collect English user manuals for the most popular electric reel models. Even top reels produced only for the local Japanese market, we’ve got them on our list. And you can rest assured — our team makes the translations that you want to get, based on our own real-world fishing tests with every model we cover. You can trust the quality that’s ended the confusion of customers around the world, and let them spend their time on what really matters — fishing.